Coming Home to Roost

We have chickens.  We got the first ones two years ago.  Mostly red, but a couple of grey with a little white on them, a grey with more white, and a black with white spots.  All hens of course.  I don’t try to keep track of the breeds – this chicken thing is my wife’s hobby.  Out of the 10 we originally got, there are 6 left.

This year we got 6 more chicks.  Two white, two brown, and two black. After they were old enough we introduced them to the chicken house with the older hens and they now consider that their home and all go in when it starts getting dark every evening.  But they still stay segregated.  The older chickens are on the roost but the younger ones like to crowd together on top of the nesting boxes.  There doesn`t seem to be any animosity between the two groups, but they just don`t mingle.  The same is true during the day as they roam around the farm.  All the chickens are free to roam wherever they like during the day – what most people call free range chickens.  But, the older ones form a loose band that will stay in the same vicinity as the other older chickens while the newbies stay pretty close together as they forage for bugs and seeds, etc.  It`s an interesting dynamic to watch. Two diverse groups of chickens staying in their own little clique.

So, white, brown, and black stick together while red, grey, and black stay separate.  This reminded me of our country.  The U.S. is racially diverse and yet (up until recently) we all stood together with pride in what our country has accomplished.  Without a doubt, the greatest country in the known history of this planet.  Not just in power, but in empowering the people in it.  And, as a people, we have stuck together despite our differences.  I see the new chickens fighting over a bug or some other treat one has found and there is inevitably a winner and a looser, but they stay together.  This staying together, despite our differences is Nationalism.  But there are those now who decry Nationalism as evil because it excludes others who are not as fortunate as us.  They would destroy geographic borders to make the whole planet into one large country – a New World Order.

The first problem with this is that it is against human nature to be so inclusive.  Just as the chickens prefer to be with the others they have grown comfortable with, people like to be with those who think and act the same as they do.  Yes, people are considerably more evolved than chickens, but the natural world order is for like to be with like.  The next problem with this all inclusive vision is that people take advantage of each other.  No matter how magnanimous we may feel or act, there will be a percentage of those we are helping who look on it only as an opportunity to help themselves.  Greed and envy will continue to rule the majority of humans for a long time to come.

As many attempts at socialism and communism have shown us, collectivism always fails due to the greed of an elite few who feel themselves smarter and better than everyone else, placing themselves above the masses and the laws that they use to rule the masses.  Because human nature is what it is, collectivism always becomes an oligarchy.  But, as we here in the U.S. have shown, individual freedom and self rule through representation along with a strong sense of equality, can provide every person with the chance to succeed in their own way rather than work only for the benefit of a ruling class few.

And yet, there is a movement in this country, inspired and led by those elites who fancy themselves smarter and wiser than the masses, to do away with the system that has done more for the betterment of humankind than any system in history.  Beware those who claim to be “the smartest person in the room”.  Under the guise of kindness and inclusivity, many people are led to believe the only motive of these people is benevolence.  But as history has shown, benevolence on a large scale can only lead to criminals who take advantage of the system and lead to its eventual downfall.

The Democrat Party in our country has been hijacked by these so called “liberals” whose overriding goal is to rule over the forced economic equality of the masses.  They view themselves as Robin Hoods who will tax the rich and give welfare to the poor, leaving plenty of tax loopholes for themselves to remain rich.  It is a flawed vision for the world if humanity is to continue to evolve and better itself, for only through individual freedom can individuals become motivated to excel and reach their full potential.  That greed that is inherent in all humans can be harnessed by each individual when they are struggling to better themselves but is stifled when forced to work toward the betterment of those who do not work.  Humankind can grow with each individual striving for success, or humankind can languish in a morass of a few working for the success of many.

The chickens aren`t going to start roosting together anytime soon, no matter how hard we try to make them.  People are not going to give up borders even if those imaginary geographical lines are erased.  People will bring borders with them as they move into new lands and then countries will be conquered and sent to the dust bin of history without firing a shot.  We are facing an invasion force using numbers and ideology to conquer rather than using bullets and bombs.  I can’t force the chickens to roost together but many out there are trying to force us people to roost together.  We can be black, brown, and white and live together peacefully just like the chickens do and still maintain our separate places in the roost.  Where will you be coming home to roost?


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